Kiss Me, I’m Whiskey

This month, by popular demand, we’re re-releasing one of our past boxes—so that those who missed it the first time can give it a try, and those who loved it last year can come back for seconds!

So we hope you’re excited to experience March’s Kiss Me, I’m Whiskey Box and learn to enjoy Irish whiskey in a whole new way! Subscribe now through March 2nd to get yours—it’ll ship the week of March 5th (with plenty of time to spare before 🍀 St. Paddy’s Day! 🍀).


Soon we’ll be transitioning again—from strident winter to welcoming spring (hey, we’re optimistic)—and Will Thompson’s lovely lighter drink (not quite what you might expect from a whiskey cocktail) will take us seamlessly from one season to the other. The apricot in the spiced orange-apricot syrup delivers a sneak peek of the upcoming season, while flavors of clove and allspice (and the hint of bitter from the muddled orange rind) keep us tastefully grounded right where we are. Enjoy the Mighty Craic Cobbler day or night.

Will tended bar in Boston for close to a decade, started at Drink and then doing the rounds at many of the city’s cocktail bars. He was most recently the beverage director at Ruka, Lolita Cocina, and Yvonne’s, three of Boston’s most stunning restaurants with award-winning cocktail programs, and has now ventured to New York City.


Sour and sweet and perfectly complete with a punch of smoky heat, the Spice of Life by Elle Maeyaert has it all. The house sour that Elle has shared with us here—her personal recipe—is not your average sour mix. This blend of three different citrus juices and brown sugar adds an interesting richness that really complements the whiskey. She’s also upped the ante on the syrup by adding chipotle peppers and maple, for a delicious smoke factor that’s anything but simple. Bottoms up!

Elle Maeyaert is a bar manager at The Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She enjoys taking advantage of a vibrant brewery and distilling community to shape her spirit list and cocktail menu, keeping it rooted in Minnesota with unexpected flourishes inspired by her diverse world travels.


The Tea & Honey by Stephen Berry—with its soothing chamomile and honey combo—will ease you down after a stressful day. And it’s as beautiful to behold as it is to savor! Keep in mind, though, that “a garnish is there not only to make a drink beautiful,” as Stephen explains, “but also to influence your sense of smell and how you enjoy the drink.” In this mellow sipper, the vanilla-infused Angostura bitters and aromatic sage really add to your overall experience as you imbibe.

This drink calls for a raw egg white (though the egg won’t be included in the box—we can’t ship those!—and we can recommend Ms. Better’s Miraculous Foamer as an alternative). Utilized properly, raw egg whites give cocktails a texture and body you can’t get any other way. They’re an important component of a traditional sour cocktail and have been used in classics for centuries. (Learn more in this egg-cellent blog post.)

Stephen—a bartender for the last decade, but in the industry since 1999—is the head bartender at Ella Dining Room and Bar in Sacramento, California. Over the years, he has curated various innovative cocktail menus and wine programs around the city. For more from Stephen on his work as a bartender, the scene in Sacramento, and more, check out last year’s interview, where you can get the details behind his cocktail (plus recommendations for food and music to pair with it!).

Whether you’re a newcomer to Ireland’s “water of life” or a connoisseur, we think these cocktails will upend your expectations. Sláinte agus táinte!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: honey-chamomile syrup

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