2017 Survey Results

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took our 2017 subscriber survey! It’s an immense help for us to hear from you, and hopefully it’ll help you down the line too 🙂 Ready to see some results? Then strap yourselves in for some serious graph action!

Let’s start with the fun stuff. This is where you guys landed on favorite drinks to order when you’re out on the town:


We have to say, we were really impressed with how varied this list was; you guys can’t be put in a box! Honorable mention goes to the French 75 😉

Next up, your favorite Shaker & Spoon boxes! Note that as we’ve steadily grown over the last year and a half,  many more of you have tried and had the opportunity to love our latest boxes than our earliest ones. Keep this in mind when looking at the results, as it’s definitely reflected in the graph below, which lists boxes from most recent to farthest back and is unweighted. It’s interesting to see the surge in the graph for the Celebrate with Bubbles Box, which was released last June and yet is still a favorite today! The one exception to this is the Winter Bourbon Box, as it’s still available on our site as a sans produce option, so you can see its surge in the graph. (Though it’s also clear that many of you love bourbon, which is one of the reasons we’ve kept it available!)image (1)For the most part, this isn’t too far off from your favorite spirits (below), except for the love for the brandy and bubbly boxes, which seems to have come out of left field!

image (2).pngSeems like agave is not a fave pretty much across the board (with a few exceptions). But gin, that’s a bit more confusing . . . some of you really love it, while some of you, well . . .image (3)For our questions about how we’ve been doing with our spirit choices and the complexity of our recipes, you guys hit it right down the middle:image (4)

image (5)

This is music to our ears, since (though we know we can’t please everyone) it shows we’re doing pretty well at striking the balance—and we’ll do our best to continue.

You were maybe a bit more against prep work:image (6)We’ll keep this in mind and do our best to avoid any overly long prep in the future.

And then onto the possibility of a mini box: we asked you, if there were a mini-box option with one recipe instead of three, how likely would you be to sign up for that option? We thought that we might see lots of interest in this based on past comments we’ve gotten and cancellation notes we’ve read, but after a pretty unenthusiastic response, we probably won’t do this anytime soon.

And, really the biggest and best thing we learned was how many of you have a fully stocked bar at home!

image (7)This is great because, while we love our one-bottle-per-box concept, with some of the spirits we’ve been wanting to try, it would be prohibitively limiting. Now that we know, you can expect to see a future box or two that call for more than one bottle.

Finally, we’ll leave you with some of our favorite of your comments from the survey!

I love enjoying the unique recipes but it’s a little like divine torture as I’ll most likely never have them again. Especially bad when it’s one I love!

You are making me everyone’s most interesting friend, and your printing, cute names, typography and all are part of the fun. I’m so, so glad that you offer the option to skip a box and I like the referral program.

UndersageDrinking is the greatest drink (and name) ever.

My boyfriend and I both got each other a shaker and spoon subscription for christmas without either of us knowing. we both did our own research on every other cocktail subscription and ended up on the same one! so now we have 9 months total

I like not having the alcohol included, lets me decide how much I want to spend on it

There’s a lot, actually. We love the variety, we love the customer service, we love the creativity, we love that we fall in love with things we never thought we’d like — like the scotch box!, we LOVE that you email the next months box contents with an option to skip (though we never have), and most of all we love that you send us emails with suggestions on what brand of alcohol would go best! Makes things so very easy to prep!

I LOVE the really cool and different drinks and trying to mix with spirits I haven’t mixed with before. I now REALLY like Brandy 🙂

I love everything. The packaging. The ingredients. The instructions. Love, love, love.

Infusions that i’d never think to combine; flavor profiles that really get my taste buds churning , and flavor ideas that push the boundary of normal cocktails.

I like the uniqueness of the ingredients you use. I am a bartender by trade and it is fun to use new ingredients and learn new combinations of flavors.

Everything! I love getting mail (who doesn’t) and the surprise of reading the recipes and creating them. It is so fun to make craft cocktails at home and it sparks an interest in things we might have overlooked (like bitters etc). I think the box is easily worth the money and have loved all the drinks.

I love that you give credit to mixologists and bartenders for their recipes. And when you selected a cocktail comprised of ingredients that may not seem like they go together but taste absolutely fantastic, I loved those discoveries.

I enjoy the focus around a type of spirit and exploring different ways and styles to enjoy it.

I LOVE the opportunity to try new things (fruits, mixers, flavors) that I would otherwise never know to ask for or knew existed! I really like the fresh ingredients even tho sometimes I’d prefer easier to make drinks, but I’ve also learned that the more I do, the faster I’m getting with the process of making the more complicated recipes. I have gained an appreciation for the REALLY good drink!

The recipes!!!!! Life is boring with only Gin and Tonics!

Excitement in a box.  You create better drinks than any local bars.

I like the curated and small company feel of it!!!

Learning about the context around the drink and who came up with it and the instructions are more than a recipe, I have implemented things I have learned from shaker and spoon recipes on other drinks, staples, that I thought I had down have drastically improved.

On your favorite spirits:
It was Scotch (until the Brandy box :))

On your least favorite thing about our boxes:
How soon it runs out and I go back to boring drinks

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