Behind the Under Sage Drinking

We sat down with Russell Davis to get the story behind his cocktail for April’s box, Vodka, Adventures, and Spring, Oh My!

S&S: What are some of your specialties?

RD: World travel, drinking culture, cocktails, spirits, fire blowing, bartending, bars, bar business, adventure. Any order.

S&S: Is there an ingredient or technique you’re currently fascinated with?

RD: I’m currently fascinated by many different ingredients and techniques, but specifically those that exist off the grid in obscure or hard-to-reach places. For a majority of the past two and a half years, I have been dedicating my time to researching and experiencing these pretty amazing things. One most recently that has intrigued me is called Vino de Coyol, and it’s a fermented beverage made by the Tico natives of Costa Rica from the Coyol palm. It tastes like a musty, semi-flat grapefruit soda and the next day’s hangover supposedly reacts with the sun to reintroduce a drug-like inebriation.

S&S: Talk about hair of the dog! But getting back onto the grid, what would you say is most unique about your Under Sage Drinking cocktail?

RD: That you can get it delivered to your door from Shaker & Spoon. Duh.

S&S: Ha! Yes, of course! And what makes it good for the season?

RD: Using fresh ingredients and preserves. I love that combination for the beginning of springtime when we are just starting to get into the “farmer’s market” months.

S&S: Us too! Besides that, what’s your favorite aspect of this drink?

RD: That it plays well with gin also.

S&S: What music recommendations do you have for people as they mix and enjoy this cocktail at home?

RD: Anything by Bon Jovi. I feel like the name “Under Sage Drinking” could have been the name of one of his albums.

S&S: What food pairings do you recommend for this cocktail?

RD: Cheeses. 😉

S&S: Yum! What’s your go-to drink when trying out a new bar?

RD: Old fashioned. Always, no question.

S&S: That’s always the answer. We should stop asking this one! And what’s your favorite S&S cocktail?

RD: The next one.

S&S: Touché!

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