Spiced Rum Celebration

The holiday season has a way of sneaking up, doesn’t it? One minute we’re dusting off the grill and asking Is It Summer Yet? and the next—wham!—the jubilant jingling of the bells enters the chat to signal the start of something special . . . and hectic. It could be shopping marathons that leave your mouse-clicking finger or feet sore, or it could be something much more pleasant, like playing the honorable host to a party full of loved ones. Either way, the many moods of December tend to inspire a sip of something soul-satisfying and stiff!

Just as harmonious with the heat as it is a hearty choice for the holidays, rum is a spirit that knows its way around a calendar—especially the style that’s macerated with additional ingredients prior to aging. While the bonus of warm spices, roots, or fruit peels was something enjoyed for centuries throughout the islands as a way to lessen the spirit’s bite and pique the palate, it wasn’t until a swashbuckling cartoon Captain (no, not Crunch) swooped in and single-handedly claimed shelf space that it achieved widespread visibility and admiration.

Since that time, the last three decades have seen many newcomers with some spicy ideas of their own. No longer regarded as a gimmick or a bottle to be overlooked, this style of rum demands something of a high-minded culinary perspective from its distillers, who consider the characteristics of their base and customize a bouquet of flavorings as complements to make it soar anew.

The Spiced Rum Celebration Box has found its shining star, and it’s getting suited up for chilly weather and the coolest of parties, featuring a fruity bubbler, our first-ever nog, and an old fashioned with a holiday vacay in mind. End-of-the-year glasses of cheer are destined to bring a touch of magic to all the moments of merriment to come! Subscribe now through December 4th to get yours—it’s slated to ship the week of December 5th.

If you do indeed experience “visions of sugar-plums” dancing in your head this December, take it as a sign of promise, perseverance, and strength to come—qualities that the fruit itself is said to symbolize. It could also be a charged imagination inspired by nights spent tossing back Analise Stettner’s spiced—and, in a nod to Caribbean holiday tradition—sorrel-adjacent Siren Song. Featuring hibiscus tea, a tart-spiced cordial of plum, lemon, and cinnamon, and wild plum bitters, the cocktail carries club soda and spiced rum to a fanciful place overflowing with fruit, flowers, and bright holiday flair!

Analise is a New England native who’s spent the last 15 years working in the food and beverage scene. She now runs the show at Providence’s one and only dedicated karaoke lounge, the Boombox, plus creates cocktails and tends bar at Tiny Bar, an outdoor craft-cocktail bar in the city’s jewelry district.

As soon as rum-slinger Dan Watson walked through the door, we hit him with an obligatory question to settle a perennial pop culture debate: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? “Hold my nog” might as well have been his reply—because not only is his festive frothy number named after the office building in the movie, it also totally kicks butt à la John McClane.

Choose your own adventure and whip up the Nog-atomi Plaza with spiced rum, apricot-demerara gomme syrup, almond and coconut creamer, and either eggs or aquafaba (not included) for an amazing lushness that deepens in flavor and improves in texture as it chills in the fridge. There’s a rich history of  noggin’ away the holidays, so settle in with this delicate but thrilling version that even heinous Hans Gruber couldn’t resist. 

A student of all things tropical, Dan has visited a dozen Caribbean distilleries, opened multiple cocktail bars throughout the Midwest, and published countless recipes.  If you’re sitting at the Spotted Owl in Cleveland, he hopes you’ll love hearing him talk about rum—but if you don’t, at least humor his opinions on the 1997 World Series and the Great American Bash ’95.

Season’s heatings are sure to be expected when Alex Jump’s plus-one to the holiday function is the feisty Mister Fahrenheit. In her old fashioned, all the many complexities of spiced rum are amplified by memorable accents: a syrup that sees coffee setting a rich stage for bright passion fruit and finishing drops of Jamaican jerk bitters to complete the tropical takeover. Baby, it will indeed be cold outside, but inside there’s bound to be some temperature trickery afoot.

Alex has competed in multiple national competitions, including a southwest regional victory at Speed Rack in 2017. She currently spends her time consulting on a variety of food and beverage programs and initiatives through her company, Dim Lights Hospitality, and is the senior manager of operations at Focus on Health, a company she co-founded with Netflix’s Drink Masters‘s Lauren Paylor “LP” O’Brien.

Naughty or nice? Irrelevant! Make sure your name’s on the list and let the Spiced Rum Celebration Box in from the cold this December. May it be the happiest of holidays with the most special sips around!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: nothing
*potential allergens: nutpods almond + coconut dairy-free creamer contains tree nuts. Candied lemon peels were originally processed in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.

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