Cachaça Cocktails in the Wild

Happy Labor Day! We hope that everyone has had a relaxing long weekend free of work and full of cocktails! In case you’re hankering for a few more, today we’ve got the monthly roundup of images from our community of subscribers enjoying their August cocktails from the Cachaça-ing the Dream Box. Use #shakerandspoon to be considered for a feature!

IMG_5887The Abacachaça via @gentlemanjake92

IMG_5892The Hemingway in Rio via @loridear

IMG_5891The Abacachaça via @lildutchgirl24

IMG_5889The Tijuca Tonic via @amycroy05 (nice garnish!)

IMG_5888The Abacachaça via @xoxjessicalkxox

IMG_5890Not from the Cachaça-ing the Dream Box, but we couldn’t resist! via @betmercer

Which cocktail was your favorite this month? Tell us in the comments!

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