Why No Alcohol?

It’s a question we’re asked often: Why don’t you include the alcohol in your cocktail subscription box?!

Well, the honest answer is: for your benefit! We know that sounds like a line but it’s true! There were too many cons to shipping the alcohol and we realized we could create a better product for you without it. Here’s why:

  • You can subscribe from anywhere in the US! Quite a few states won’t allow the shipping of alcohol and wouldn’t have let us ship our boxes to customers there if the alcohol were included. We didn’t want to leave any of you out!
  • You don’t have to wait around for delivery! If there’s alcohol in the box, someone 21 or older would have to be home to sign for the package when it arrives. Imagine the headache and hassle of having to arrange for that every month! We decided it’d be better if you could just come home and find the box waiting for you.

Shaker-n-Spoon_AV Design frames_Ro.7-Final_10312017 (dragged)

  • You get more cocktails! In order to make the 12 cocktails we currently offer per subscription box, we’d need to ship a 750ml bottle of liquor each month. There’s no way to do that and still have room for all of our wonderful ingredients. We would’ve had to scale back and send mini bottles along with fewer ingredients that would allow you to make maybe 4 cocktails total? Maybe even fewer? We just didn’t have the heart to do it.
  • You get more of the good stuff! By removing the one easiest-to-find ingredient from our subscription box (the liquor), we gave ourselves lots more room to send you the cool stuff—our specialty syrups, bitters, tinctures, mixers, and garnishes—that’d be a much bigger pain (or in some cases impossible) for you to go out and find yourself.
  • You get to go more in-depth! It is our great hope that in addition to enjoying our delicious cocktails, you’ll also learn about mixology through this subscription. By asking you to buy just 1 bigger bottle of liquor and then showing you the 3 very different recipes you can make with that 1 liquor, and then letting you make each cocktail 4 times over, we’re teaching you more than we could with just a couple of drinks total.

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  • You get to choose your booze! Instead of deciding on the brand for you by including just one bottle, we make sure that all of our recipes’ll work with whichever bottle you opt for, and you get to tailor the box to your needs by selecting your liquor based on whatever criteria is most important to you. Have a favorite brand? Go for it. Want to try something new? You got it. Want to splurge this month? Try the pricier kind. Wanna save some dough? Totally cool. But wait! Terrified of choosing the wrong bottle? Feeling adrift in a sea of options? No need to worry because our expert bartenders are here to offer recommendations and explain what they like about them in order to help make your decision a cinch. You can choose whichever recommendation speaks to you—or try them all!
  • You get more bang for your buck! If a company includes alcohol in their subscription box, they have to upcharge you for that liquor to make it worth their while. We didn’t want to do that. This way, you can find the liquor store that has the prices you want to pay and deal directly with them without us having to charge you extra (plus, you can support your local liquor store!).

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  • You pay less for shipping! If we were to ship that 750ml bottle to allow you to make 12 cocktails like we currently do, the shipping would be through the roof! Not only because liquor is heavy, but also because we’d have to pay extra for the delivery person to check everyone’s IDs to make sure they’re over 21. Just think of the $20 you’re saving on shipping as extra money saved on top of what you’re saving on the actual bottle by buying at the store.

Do you see how many reasons there are to not include the liquor? We certainly think that we made the right decision and we hope you’ll agree! If you’re looking to get as much bang for your buck as you can while really learning to create the kinds of drinks that the topmost bartenders worldwide make, Shaker & Spoon is the box for you!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@shakerandspoon.com. We really can discuss these things until the cows come home!*

*We are of course referring only to metaphorical cows. Shaker & Spoon does not own or house any cows and is at no time waiting for them to come home.

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