Ash and Elm Food Pairing

Sother Teague suggests pairing his Shift Drinks cocktail with his recipe for Rosemary Driftwood Shrimp Over Hibiscus Noodles. Yes, you can use bitters in your cooking, too! Rosemary Driftwood Shrimp Over Hibiscus Noodles Ingredients Shrimp Noodles Instructions Shrimp noodles

Ichi-Go-Ichi-E Bonus Pairing

This pairing bite—as seen on our favorite Netflix cocktail competition!—is an ode to Christian “Suzu” Suzuki-Orellana’s hometown of Asakusa, Tokyo, known for the Sensoji Temple and all the Kaminari Okoshi. To achieve the same look that he did on the show, use a circular cookie cutter to cut out small circles before the cracker hardens….

Mortar & Pestle Food Pairing

Milo Salehi and Chef Arnold Eric Wong suggest pairing their Shift Drinks cocktail with the chef’s Duck Taco recipe. Their marinade has nutty and earthy background flavors that pair nicely with tequila, and the Asian ingredients go well with the Mortar & Pestle’s coconut agave. The addition of dark cocoa, coffee, and cinnamon tie in with the…

Last Night I Dreamed Food Pairing

Patrick Natola and Chef Justin Rucobo of Town Tavern suggest pairing their Shift Drinks cocktail with the chef’s Classic Cheeseburger recipe. They drew inspiration from Jimmy Buffet songs to complement the margarita vibes of the Last Night I Dreamed! Classic Cheeseburger yield: 4 burgers Ingredients Thousand Island Dressing Burgers Directions Thousand Island Dressing Burgers

Refresco en Vinagre Food Pairing

Chris Simpson and Chef Manny Rocha of Academia suggest pairing their Shift Drinks: Reposado Edition cocktail with the chef’s Bánh Mì Fish Taco recipe. The Refresco en Vinagre cocktail’s hints of dill, coriander, and vinegar wonderfully lighten the taco’s fried fish, and the pickled sweet carrot and jalapeño in the taco also enhance the flavors…