New Frontiers 2: American Single Malt

The ground will shift throughout the wide world of whiskey as the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is about to bestow its official stamp of recognition onto a new category of domestic whiskey: American single malt. This decision will establish a set of parameters for what makes this category distinct—100% malted barley distilled entirely at a single US location, matured in oak, and bottled at 80 proof—and lead to a huge leap in legitimacy for American single malt whiskey (ASMW) makers who are more than ready to begin growing their new category in earnest.

Of course our ears are perking up at this development, too! We’ve had a lot of fun putting out boxes that focus on single malt whisk(e)ys—namely those from Scotland and Japan—but never before has an American version been more within our reach. The differences between the three are not merely geographical, either (though climate does play a part). ASMW distillers seem dead-set on exploring new flavor opportunities at every possible stage in the process, from the choice of barley and the treatment of it to the oak used for aging (new or used).

So what are we to do when faced with the open road of a brand-new category of spirit? Kick the tires and take it for a spin in some cocktails, of course! In the New Frontiers 2: American Single Malt Box, you’ll find a sparkly surprise, a satisfying slice of summer, an homage to a perennial cocktail classic, and more: a delicious and inspired introduction to the whiskey stage’s newest star! Subscribe now through April 30th (while supplies last!) to get yours—it’s slated to ship the week of May 8th.

There’s no trace of THC to be found in Christine Wiseman’s Let’s Get HighBall, but take one look and it might have you seeing things, duuuuuude. The cheeky culprit is edible glitter, which she’s been known to pinch into drinks for an extra bit of pep. In this case it’s got American single malt whiskey shimmering along with yuzu-apricot syrup and lime & yuzu soda in a cocktail that has all the delicious wake and none of the bake!

Christine has been recognized as a semi-finalist for American Bartender of the Year (2018 and 2019, Spirited Award) and as a finalist for American Bartender of the Year (2020 and 2022). In 2023, Imbibe magazine named Christine an Imbibe 75 Person to Watch. Christine’s fun, colorful (and sometimes sparkly) cocktails typically walk the line with unexpected ingredients and tried-and-true, craveable flavor combinations.

Life is Peachy Keen when you’re greeting the first signs of summer with a cocktail every bit as bright and amiable as your finest Hawaiian shirt. Having spent time in the south and in Colorado, Robert Sickler says he developed a big fondness for peaches, noting that those grown in Palisade, Colorado, are among the juiciest and sweetest he’s sampled. Another recommendation from him: take yourself to the beach, BBQ, or at least the patio with this pleaser that combines American single malt with peach-basil syrup and Betty Buzz Meyer Lemon Club Soda over crushed ice. Just grab a straw (and a straw hat) and you’re all set!

Robert Sickler, a 20-year veteran of the wine and spirits industry, organizes whisky, rum, and mezcal tastings, spirited dinners, cocktail seminars, and UK-accredited whisky courses through Cask Strength Consulting, his consulting company. Robert loves to share his passion for quality spirits with the people he meets and enjoys integrating beautifully made spirits into delicious cocktails to reach an even broader spectrum of enthusiasts.

Step off a moody, rain-soaked road and follow the sounds of the piano into a dimly lit lounge where “play it again” Sam Jimenez is serving up a new spin on a classic. His Weekend in Manhattan takes some liberties with ingredients to achieve the sensation of that beloved Big Apple–inspired cocktail—a rooibos-vanilla syrup and wild cherry bitters for those familiar mellowing fruit and botanical notes. And due to everyone’s familiarity with that profile, it’s a great opportunity to see what strapping American single malt can offer in comparison with other domestic whiskeys.

Sam is a 28-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, a crafter of cocktails, an agave spirits educator, and a connoisseur of Mexico’s agave-based spirits. He currently represents small-batch craft distilleries that are working to keep Mexico’s unique liquid culture alive.

Fend off the FOMO and join us for this historical milestone when you sign up today to get your New Frontiers 2: American Single Malt Box, a rowdy ribbon-cutting for a spirit that’s only just beginning to make its mark on the world of mixology!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: nothing
*potential allergens: the apricots used for garnish and within the yuzu-apricot sparkle syrup contain sodium metabisulfite, and were originally processed in a facility that uses milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, sulfites, and sesame products.

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  1. Kaaren E Sipes says:

    What American single malts should we get for the box?


    1. Anna says:

      Here’s all the info about the box, including the ASMW recommendations:


  2. John Bedard says:

    What ASMW do you recommend?


    1. Anna says:

      Here’s all the info about the box, including the ASMW recommendations:


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