Vodka Brunch

Cock-a-doodle-do! Rise, shine, and start feeling fine, because next month, cocktail o’clock might just land a little earlier than usual. 

When the sun rises on a brunch-less day, so many hours must pass before shaking or stirring a cocktail gets jotted down on the to-do list. But for those who are lucky enough to occasionally partake in such casual carousing (and according to Hollywood icon Joan Crawford, brunch is an American invention, the first repast of those who overslept!), there’s no better way to shake off the days prior and set a spirited tone for the one stretching out ahead. Once this great benefit of brunch became well known (after a gradual boom throughout the early twentieth century), restaurant hours changed and tables in the late a.m. everywhere were laid out with gussied-up breakfast-lunch hybrid entrées, light snacks, savory and sweet breads, coffee, and, of course, cocktails!

Over the years, our boxes have featured countless drinks to enjoy while twirling away in the twilight hours—so now it’s time for a slight change: three options primed to become the belles of your next brunch. Our bartenders have taken three favorites of the format—coffee, mimosa, and a Bloody Mary—and spun them into creative, memorable, and flavor-packed versions with the best spirit for ably stretching into many different directions: vodka! 

More nocturnally inclined? Worry not. Just like Christmas in July, brunch for dinner proves that sometimes the incongruous can be exciting. Sign up one and all alongside us noontime revelers for The Vodka Brunch Box and you’ll discover a magical cocktail menu—perhaps right smack in the midday!

It’s hard to get simpler than the one-two make-up of a mimosa, whose composition inspired Kapri Robinson as she strove for crisp and clean flavors in her refreshing Blood & Sage. Sans Champagne, she found both the citrus and bubbles in a bracing blood orange ginger ale that vitalizes this vernal coupe of vodka and the perfectly seasonal herbal sage syrup. Greet the golden rays of a new day or close out a good one with this elegantly modernized mimosa! 

The 2017 Cocktail Queen from Washington, DC, Kapri has been a part of the beverage community there for almost a decade now. On top of being a bartender, educator, and event organizer, she is also the president and founder of Chocolate City’s Best, an organizer of Back To Black, the co-host of the Soul Palate podcast, and co-founder of Empowering the Diner, all efforts that aim to bring together Black food and beverage creators to rally continued support of Black activism, normalize Black and Brown palates, and create opportunities for Black and POC industry members.

What happens when Sother Teague gets his hands on a towering titan of vodka cocktails? A marvelous Mary that’s miles away from the ordinary in both composition and mixing technique! It’s bright and refreshing and yet has savory surprises at every turn. For The Weekender, Sother put much time and focus into developing a flavor-packed secret weapon: a garden-infused vinegar medley that joins apple cider vinegar and tomato vinegar and infuses the blend with horseradish, garlic, and black pepper. Roll it back and forth between shaker and glass along with vodka and an umami-rich, vegetarian-friendly, tomato-vine-ripe base from Q Mixers, with space to spare, if you like, for our favorite local hot sauce (Kimchili included) or one of your own. And for the garnish? Why choose just one when you can enjoy “everything”—a finishing-touch seasoning blend that travels a short distance from the bagel right to this Bloody!

Sother is the beverage director at New York’s Amor y Amargo and host of The Speakeasy on Heritage Radio Network. In 2018, he was honored with Wine Enthusiast’s Mixologist of the Year Award and has authored two books, I’m Just Here for the Drinks and Let’s Get Blitzen. Catch up on all the Sother favorites in the S&S catalog, including the Spellbinder, Dragon Tears, and Slippery Slopes.

“Don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my coffee,” you may say. Well, after that steamy mug of reanimation, or even in place of it at the brunch table, look forward to this chilled cocktail that applies an Italian-accented touch to those all-important beans. The Slow Rush, from Chelsea Santos, is a breezier version of the typically buzzy coffee old fashioned, thanks to the mellowing flavors of cherry and vanilla. From there, chocolate mole bitters and some liqueur-style bitterness from the orange spritz syrup swing in for a treat akin to a vodka sundae for your next round of Sundays!

A Texas native, Chelsea has worked in the service industry for more than 12 years. She started her bartending journey at a local dive bar in her college town and now develops bar programs at boutique hotels, where she boasts her Filipino and Hispanic roots with pride and turns the unexpected into the delicious (try out her fan-fave Forbidden Fruit and Fibonacci on the Fritz cocktails!).

Summon your inner host or hostess with the mi-mostest and enjoy a spectacular spread alongside the amazing late-a.m. cocktails of The Vodka Brunch Box (pancakes not included)!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: nothing
*potential allergens: Sother’s everything seasoning contains sesame seeds. Q Spectacular Bloody Mary Mix contains soy.

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