Summer Scotch 2

When it comes to norms in the barroom, we like the one who sat like a sardonic sphinx over his beer with the gang on Cheers. What’s less amusing, though, are those passed-down, informal ones that dictate who should drink what, where, and when. Want to watch a snowstorm with a tiny-umbrellaed tropical drink? Go for it. How about a digestif before dinner? Yeah! A pumpkin ale on Independence Day? Um, okay!

Less of a leap but still a source of calendar-related incongruousness, Scotch tends to shy away from the sunshine. After all, it’s been serious business for more than 600 years throughout the highlands and islands of Scotland, a land whose terrains paint the personality of this national spirit with a misty, moody, and rugged brush. Visit a hallowed distillery and you may be given a rundown of a dozen or more aromas and notes on the palate and finish, not to mention the instructions on how to properly pour, serve, and taste. 

In film and television, depictions of Scotch arrive in a similarly austere manner. It rests regally in crystal decanters on a side table, caters backroom career talks, consoles in grief, or provides a tasteful toast in celebration, to name a few. This got us thinking: What to do with a spirit that’s amassed somewhat of an impenetrably lofty reputation over time? Take it on a delicious and dreamy summer vacation, of course! 

For the second time, we’re bringing non-peat-smoked and nuanced Scotch to a beachside bash with dazzling drinks this round from three super-talented women. Come along with us on this Summer Scotch 2 journey as we skip over to a bubbly and bright place where all stripes of Scotch lover can throw on shades and crack a smile.

Live your best life among pals and pool floats with Pretty & Poppin’, a subtle and sassy number that fizzes away with the citrus and floral scents of a much-welcomed summer breeze. At first sip, J’Nai Williams’s highball is a lounger, with a light and delicate essence that keeps its starring spirit up front. But then come the bubbles, which set off an enchanting synchronized swim routine of flavors from grapefruit, elderflower, and lavender that aims to dazzle. Jump on in—this cocktail’s just fine!

J’Nai was born and raised in New Orleans and has bartended in almost every type of establishment: a college bar, a dive bar, a sports bar, a classic cocktail bar, a fine-dining bar, and even a dessert bar.

Take a trip to Tulum, Mexico, where the splendor of its surf is matched only by its diverse fruits and mindful but fun lifestyle. A sublime cocktail for zenning out in your spot of shade, Como la Mujer is Ana Cabrera Marquez’s super-drinkable dedication to the Latin flavors of her culture and the women who inspire her. She’s chosen mango, tamarind, and citrus as Scotch’s new punchy beach buddies and takes the group for a ride on gentle waves of spice from mole bitters and a cinnamon-sugar garnish. Who knew bagpipes and bongo drums sounded so great together?

A Court of Master Sommelier and craft cocktail bartender for more than twelve years, Ana enjoys studying the ways of hospitality, particularly how it intersects with her city and community of San Antonio. She now runs two businesses: beverage director, bartender, and wine buyer for Biga on the Banks and owner and head mixologist for Suck It Up S.A.

An old fashioned at a bustling, back-slapping BBQ? Not exactly well-traversed territory, but, back in the S&S halcyon days, Steva Casey devised one with enough fresh and laid-back elements to feel right at home among stacks of beer and hard seltzer empties. A Worn Path is back, flavoring sturdy and woody Scotch with some of the best that summer has to offer: juicy strawberries—as part of a cordial with accents of orange zest and pink peppercorn—and a hopped-up IPA tincture that gives a seasonal shout-out to the long-admired union between hot temps and cold beer. Whether you’re grilling or just low-key chilling, follow the footsteps to this choice charmer!

Steva, known for being the unofficial ambassador of Birmingham, Alabama, is a bartender at the flashy and fun Atomic Lounge in the city. A twenty-year veteran of the hospitality industry, she has held almost every job in a bar or restaurant and has worked on numerous event projects, including currently running Tiki by the Sea, a trade-focused program centered on sugarcane education and tropical influence.

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but Summer Scotch 2 begs to differ. Join us as we kick back and beat the heat by plucking this colossal spirit straight out of Caledonia!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: nothing
*not gluten-free: IPA tincture
*potential allergens: The Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters contain sesame

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mitchell J. Shively says:

    What Scotch type do you recommend with these cocktails?


    1. Anna says:

      Here’s the To Have On Hand page for this box, with bottle suggestions and more!


  2. Ben says:

    Seems to me there’s a big range of scotch flavor profiles… what are some brands/bottles that would work in these cocktails?


    1. Anna says:

      You got it! Here’s the To Have On Hand page for this box, with bottle suggestions and more!


  3. Lee Bockus says:

    Here’s a thought, why not show what I’m getting ie: a list of item pictured (I was looking at a 1 month gift) Also I sent the link from Facebook to my messenger account so I could refer back to it when I had more time. When I opened the link in messenger it was just a pic, no link to your site to sign up.


    1. Anna says:

      This blog post focuses on the cocktails you’ll be mixing up and what their flavors are like, but it sounds like you might be looking for the info on our What’s Inside page: Hope this helps!


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