Rums of Origin 3

A beloved season is upon us, and with it, a trend of threes arrives: wise men, French hens, ghosts sent by Jacob Marley. And now, to add to this time of trifectas, we introduce our third joy-bringing, globe-trotting installment of our exploratory rum series. In the past we’ve jammed in Jamaica, careened elsewhere through the Caribbean, and vroomed through Venezuela, noticing at every turn the different ways these countries and cultures approach their rums—an endless variety of styles to which our intrepid bartenders deftly tailored their recipes.

The cocktail canvasses for our next box come from Panama, Florida, and the Philippines, each producing rums with distillation techniques heavily influenced by Spain. This means molasses-based, the use of column stills, and a relatively shorter fermentation period for a lighter, smoother spirit that gets much of its flavor from cask ageing. While the nuanced characters of these rums is the core focus of the upcoming recipes, this time it’s also personal for their creators. Nostalgic flavors, pride in heritage, and hopes of delivering holiday cheer and togetherness served as inspiration for these bright and super creative drinks soon coming to your town. 

Shake up your festivities with Rums of Origin 3, a delicious view of some faraway cultures at a time when the travel landscape is not so hot. That temporarily shelved grand getaway? Here it is in a box, with a couple tropical twists to set the stage for a cheerful holiday fete that’s closer to the equator! Subscribe now through December 15th to get this box—it’ll begin to ship the week of December 7th (with a split second wave of shipping the week of December 14th, owing to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Don’t be fooled by the frosty cocktail that emerges from your blender, because this beachy favorite by way of the Philippines has a warm, earthy, and spiced side that’s perfect for the season. Reminiscent of one of Mary Palac’s favorite treats growing up, sweetened fresh avocado, the Abukado Colada is a bounty of tasty richness whipped up with rum, rich matcha syrup, avocado powder, coconut milk, and lime. Cap off a cozy night and catch some heat with this colada—this time by an open fire!

Mary was born in the Philippines and grew up in the Bay Area. She’s a founding member and president of the United States Bartenders Guild Silicon Valley and an alumna of the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation Cocktail Apprentice Program, the BAR 5-Day program at Camp Runamok, and many other industry programs.

Come in from the cold and sidle up to a dazzling daiquiri that’ll have you dancing like a sugar plum fairy. With visions of the pulsing nightlife of Miami in his head, Steven Minor shook up the Deacachimba!, drawing inspiration from a blended rum that unites the Central, South, and North Americas with a dash of the Caribbean for good measure. This cocktail spices up a cooling medley of blood orange, guava, and coconut water with a few drops of chipotle—so clear some room for a hot merengue under the mistletoe as you sip away on a true evening showstopper!

Steven grew up in South Florida full of love for his Nicaraguan heritage. He’s a beverage director who specializes in 5-star hotel restaurant and bar operations, currently overseeing the expansion of the 1 Hotel brand’s beverage programs from South Beach to Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

As an ode to the coastal wonders of Panama and the great memories she’s experienced there, Breanne Rupp’s Kiss of the Oceans features one of her favorite ingredients, tamarind, which might just be the soulmate that rum never knew it had. The fruit’s rich, caramelized warmth and sharp citrus flavors make for an exceptional, well-rounded complement to the spirit and aromatic bitters. Especially when there’s a sugarcane stick to stir with and a pinch of salt to deliver that promised peck on the lips.

Born in the Republic of Panama, Breanne moved to Florida when she was a teenager. She now bartends at Boat Drinks, a tropical-nautical seafood restaurant and rum bar, in St. Augustine. When not at work, she spends her time as an arts educator and at her potter’s wheel, screen-printing, and doing graphic design projects.

The holidays are going to be more adventurous than ever this year when Rums of Origins 3 comes to town. Sign up today to get your name on the list for a delicious December to remember!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

*not vegan: nothing

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  1. Geoff Miller says:

    Hi, the latest box doesn’t mention what we need to have on hand. Are you not suggesting the brand of alcohol anymore?


    1. Anna says:

      We sure are! You can find them on the To Have On Hand page for this box—which is on our home page under the heading Get the Next Box. Or here’s a direct link:


  2. Wendy Fossum says:

    So I’d love to order this box as an Xmas gift. Will the ingredients keep until 12/25?


    1. Anna says:

      As long as you pop the perishable items into the fridge, yes! 🙂


  3. GS says:

    Which rums are recommended?


    1. Anna says:

      You can always find spirit on the To Have On Hand page for each box—which is on our home page under the heading Get the Next Box. Here’s a direct link to the one for Rums of Origin 3:


  4. Jay D Horowitz says:

    What is the purple cake in the first photo?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anna says:

      Ube cake 😉 One of Mary’s suggested food pairings!


  5. Katrina says:

    Is a blender required? Or are there alternate mixing instructions for the first one?


    1. Anna says:

      You’ll want to use a blender for that one!


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