Rum Away With Me

When mixed with the right delicious ingredients—provided in September’s Rum Away With Me Box, of course—rum sure makes for one hell of a cocktail. Subscribe now through September 1st to get yours! It’ll ship the week of September 4th.


Frank Kurk Maldonado created this delightful concoction to bring some of his home country’s flavors to you. With the zing of lime juice, some velvety Small Hands Foods orgeat (or-what, you say? Get the scoop on this almond joy), a couple dashes of chocolate bitters, and a garnish of single-origin Guatemalan dark chocolate shavings, the ’Chata is beautifully balanced and delicious. Its name is a play on “horchata,” a spiced, chocolatey flavored drink very common in Latin America. Enjoy this perfect little slice of Guatemala in your glass and let it take the edge off summer’s final heat wave.

Frank moved from Zacapa, Guatemala, to NYC to follow his dream of becoming a bartender and now works at the world-renowned Employees Only. He hopes to see every one of you there soon, so he can serve you one of their delicious cocktails in person. For now, though, he’s happy to send you one of his creations and hopes that you enjoy it. Cheers!

For more from Frank on his cocktail, what it’s like to work at Employees Only, and more, check out our interview.


In Coffee Loves Cane, Joy Herrin brings you a few of her favorite things that she says make her heart sing (namely coffee and rum). What grows together, goes together, and coffee and rum have always made an excellent pair (the bitterness of the coffee playing so well with the subtly smoky and sweet nature of rum). This cocktail is the perfect bridge from summer to autumn—the rum to bring light to your summer days, and the malted coffee reduction to enhance the spiced flavor of the rum and receive fall with open arms.

Joy, born in San Juan, PR, started working at the island’s hotels at age twenty. She then moved around the States to satisfy her hunger for growth and knowledge and finally landed in Vegas, where she has made her home for the past six years. She currently tends bar at the prestigious Chica at the Venetian.


To some, the word “daiquiri” might evoke thoughts of intensely sweet, frozen drinks that get you drunk quickly. But back before daiquiris were handed out as slushies on cruise ships, this ubiquitous cocktail was actually Hemingway’s go-to. Made from just three key ingredients—lime, rum, and a bit of sugar—this classic is known for a beautiful simplicity that’s earned it its place in the cocktail cannon. It’s one of the most satisfying drinks you can turn to in the heat of late summer—simple, tart, a little sweetness, and a rich taste of rum, it should drink like a dip in the pool.

So since everybody can appreciate a perfectly balanced daiquiri, according to Libby Lingua, she created for you a fun and extremely refreshing riff on the sought-after classic. Sip away on this Spiced Peach Daiquiri and notice the distinct notes from the rum, while enjoying the way they’re complemented by the peach-cinnamon syrup and, of course, lime juice. Yum!

Originally from Pennsylvania, Libby Lingua has traveled all around the country, including to her adopted home city of Phoenix, AZ, where she’s currently a part of the progressive craft company Barter & Shake, and acting Bar Manager of their debut tiki bar, UnderTow. Within the first ten months of operation, UnderTow was recognized by Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards as one of the top ten finalists for Best New American Cocktail Bar of 2017.

We’d like to assure you that rum is so much more complex than carnival-colored frozen drinks. Smoky, subtly sweet, with rich vanilla and spice notes—think of rum as Scotch’s sexy tropical cousin, which you’ll want to sip all summer long. Our layered notes and deep flavors make next month’s box perfect for putting a spin on your mixology game. Spend September getting to the more sophisticated side of rum: throw caution to the wind and Rum Away With Me!

The Shaker & Spoon Team

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