Brandy Cocktails in the Wild


You guys must really like your brandy cocktails, because we are still seeing photos of them popping up! They’re definitely just the thing for a cold winter night (or day!)—that must be why we saw so many toddies in particular. For your viewing pleasure, here’s the roundup of images from our community of subscribers keeping warm with their cocktails from the Brandy, She’s So Fine Box. Use #shakerandspoon to be considered for a feature. Cheers!

img_6901Mediterranean Toddy via @vamschr

img_6902Business Time via @brynncorbello

img_6903Mediterranean Toddy via @betmercer

img_6906 Cherchez La Femme via @loridear

img_6904Mediterranean Toddy via @lisamychols

Which cocktail was your favorite this month? Tell us in the comments!

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