Bubbly Cocktails in the Wild!

Cheers, everyone! We hope you’ve all had many occasions to raise a glass and a delightful start to the summer. Our Celebrate with Bubbles Box was perfect for toasting to all of life’s pleasures. For your enjoyment, we’ve got the monthly roundup of images from our community of subscribers enjoying their June cocktails. Use #shakerandspoon to be considered for a feature!

IMG_5278Girls night with the Celebrate with Bubbles Box via @lauratakespix

IMG_5280Aftermath of tasting the Celebrate with Bubbles Box via @funkyfarmettegal

IMG_5281Celebrate with Bubbles Box via @abigailgullo

IMG_5279Thyme After Time and Pink Peppercorn Potion via @lauratakespix

Which cocktail was your favorite this month? Tell us in the comments!

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