Russell Davis joins the team!

We are so very pleased to announce today that Russell Davis has joined the Shaker & Spoon team as Chief Cocktail Officer! 

Russell, who is a leading bar/mixology/spirits consultant and bar industry entrepreneur, was co-star of and expert on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue and is the current co-host of The Road Rash Podcast. In addition to being named Nightclub & Bar’s 2012 Bartender of the Year and hailed as “The People’s Champion of Bartending” by Mutineer Magazine, he is also President of Unlimited Liabilities, an elite bar/spirits industry company comprised of some of the best bar talent in the world.

We’re very excited to have Russell on board to help take Shaker & Spoon to the next level! He is an influential figure in the industry, always thinking of new and creative means of expression through cocktails. We want all of you to enjoy, appreciate, and be empowered by the experience of making a great cocktail, and we’re pleased to say that now you can learn from the best! Our intention is to bring the craft cocktail experience to as many people as possible, and Russell is the perfect person to help us do that.

Going forward, Russell will be curating your monthly Shaker & Spoon boxes, sharing the best recipes, ingredients, and techniques used by top bartenders from around the world. Each month we’ll be featuring different bartenders overseen by Russell and the Shaker & Spoon team.

Your box for May—Vodka, Adventures, and Spring, Oh My!—was created by Russell and two other members of his Unlimited Liabilities team. Stay tuned for more on this box, and these mixologists, to be announced later this week!

Get excited!


The Shaker & Spoon Team

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